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Gene Felton Restorations Restoring and offering NASCAR stock cars for sale. Presenting race cars for sale for track days and historic racing events.

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Racing Cars for Sale

Gene Felton Race Car Restorations restores, sells, and services NASCAR race cars. Since 1992, Gene has been promoting and participating in historic stock car racing, track days racing, and restoring race cars for sale to be used at these events. The cars that are restored by Gene Felton Race Car Restorations have actually been run in Nextel Cup, Winston Cup, and Busch Series events and are perfect for historic racing or track day car racing. The racing cars for sale have been restored to race ready condition, and to road course specifications. These cars are typically used for your day at the track or in historic racing circuits. Give us a call or browse our site to find your track day car.




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Track Days Stock Car for Sale

Gene Felton Race Car Restorations has restored them all. We�ve restored and had Ford stock race cars for sale, Chevrolet stock cars for sale, Dodge stock stock cars for sale, Pontiac stock cars for sale, Buick stock cars for sale, etc. We've restored Shelbys, Corvettes, road course racers, vintage race cars, historic cars, Grand National, Nextel Cup, Winston Cup, Busch Series, NASCAR for sale �� You name it, Gene has restored it, raced it, and moved it on (not necessarily in that order) to enthusiasts, collectors, hard core racing hobbyist, weekend day at the track day car racers, motorsports country club racers, etc.

Track Days

Not only can you purchase one of Gene Felton Restorations' race cars for sale, Gene Felton will help you find places to race, store, and maintain your vintage race car for track days or other events. If you are looking for a vintage race car for sale for a day at the track, you have come to the right place. Gene Felton Restorations' race cars for sale are a great investment but they are intended to be used for your track days enjoyment, too. There are many racing �country clubs� popping up that can accommodate your day at the track. Places like MotorSport Ranch, Autobahn, Inde Motorsports Ranch, Silverstone in the UK, Monticello Motor Club, etc. Not to mention that you may find a vintage race car for sale from Gene Felton Restorations that was driven by your favorite driver. You can really feel like Dale Earnhardt on your track days!

Day at the Track

Gene Felton is a racing legend that has been inducted into the Georgia Automobile Racing Hall of Fame and is a candidate for induction into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame. Gene Felton's storied career is flush with wins and accolades. For example, in 1980, Gene won 9 poles and 9 races during a remarkable 9-race American Challenge season. Gene was involved in a serious accident during a Trans Am race at Riverside in 1984, but he pressed on, racking up more wins. Please see "Felton History" for more details on his career. In the mean time, please look for your own �day at the track� racer.

Lapping Days

Gene Felton Restorations has the perfect car for sale that will accommodate your lapping day needs. Blow your colleagues off the line with a stock car that was driven by one of your favorite NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers. Put the laps behind you in style on your track day. Whether you are at the track or at the motorsports country club, Gene Felton has the lapping day race car for you.

Georgia Hall of Fame
Georgia Racing Hall of Fame Inductee (2005)
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Gene Felton is a member of the Road Racing Drivers Club

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